77% of IT managers said they look for interpersonal skills above all else 77% of IT managers said they look for interpersonal skills above all else MOre than 50% of IT Implementation projects fail to achieve the objectives stated at the start of the project Studies say software specialists spend 40-50% of their time on avoidable rework rather than on work that adds value. The difference is doing things right the first time. In the US alone, an estimated $75 billion a year is spent on re-work costs and abandoned systems.

Value (vãl'yöö)

Relative worth, merit, or importance.

Why It Matters

We know that our success depends on your success, and on the outcomes both of us can achieve in partnership. Development with value is always customized to the client.

Client Feedback

"If a peer was asking me for advice on choosing a partner, I'd describe CTS as a firm that is conscientious and tries to understand the business before they start coding."

Knowledge (nõlîj)

Acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition.

Why It Matters

From years of consulting, we've learned the technology as well as our clients' industries. We know your business well enough to collaborate and innovate in creating the software you need.

Client Feedback

"It's the ability to connect the two together; bringing the strong technical background, yet able to be articulate about the business and the process – an actual team member. We don't just write specs that go to an engineer to code; we need engagement and dialogue along the way."

Trust (trüst)

Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

Why It Matters

Clients return to us again and again because it is our goal to build long-term partnerships. We operate with the highest ethical standards and deliver what we promise.

Client Feedback

"It probably goes back to the fact that I've learned to trust you guys and you have proven your worth to us. Your whole support model is something that I don't see very often."

Dedication (dèddi káysh'n)

Complete and wholehearted fidelity.

Why It Matters

Through experience we've learned the only path to client success: a dedicated focus on meeting YOUR needs 100% of the time.

Client Feedback

"CTS has been focused on growing the organization for the right reasons. They put the client or customer first; they do what is best and provide the best options."


CTS delivers valued custom applications:

  • We have the confidence to deliver fixed bid projects.
  • We hire to the bench because we need the best talent.
  • We listen and collaborate.
  • We value honesty above all.
Our clients do repeat business
with us over 90% of the time!