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Web-based Literature Fulfillment Application

Develop and implement a web-based literature fulfillment application for a large financial investment company. Integrate the application with the company's current online CRM application. Provide integration between our client and a third party vendor responsible for the actual fulfillment of the literature orders.

Project Accomplishments

  • Designed, developed, tested, and implemented the literature fulfillment application.
  • Integrated the new application with the client's pre-existing eCRM application. Designed a Java-based application that integrates the new fulfillment application with a third party fulfillment vendor.
  • Assisted with the support and maintenance of the application after the go live date.
  • The newly implemented application:
    • Eliminates $275,000 in annual fixed costs
    • Provides total annual savings of approximately $375,000
    • Improves data and reporting capabilities to review ROI on advisor fulfillment expenses
    • Provides expanded cost tracking tools to review sales expenses by territory on fulfillment and premiums
    • Offers expanded inventory control, management, and cost analysis options for all fulfillment products

Project Synopsis

CTS was responsible for developing a web-based literature fulfillment application for its client. The application provided the client with the ability to send financial investment-based literature to brokers and individual investors through the use of an online application. Through the touch of a button, order information is sent from the client's database to the third party vendor responsible for fulfilling the orders. The orders are then sent to the designated recipients. CTS assisted the client in all phases of the project lifecycle—from functional and database design reviews to the development, testing, and implementation of the actual application. CTS also provided additional maintenance and support after the implementation and assisted in the development of post-install enhancements to the application.


SalesPage Development Suite; JavaScript; SQL; Java; JSP; Sybase; Rapid SQL