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Security Master

Create a single source to retrieve information about a security (stock, bond, fund, option) including pricing, categorization, and fundamentals such as maturity.

Project Accomplishments

  • Captured the creation of new securities in multiple source systems.
  • Retrieved security information each night from multiple external systems for all securities captured in the system including prices and fundamentals.
  • Categorized each security across several dimensions on a nightly basis.

Project Synopsis

CTS designed and constructed a database to capture and maintain a single source of information about securities (stocks, funds, bonds, and options). Information maintained includes: symbols, descriptions, prices, yields, returns, and categorization. The data contained in the security master is used by multiple systems as they present information about holdings to customers. This information is then applied to a user's investment reports and their view of holdings seen on the client's Internet site.


C/C++; Java; Sybase; UNIX; ErWin; SQL; Perl; Autosys; FactSet; Lipper; MorningStar