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SalesPage CRM Implementation

Improve customer service, sales performance, and marketing efficiency through the integration of a custom software application designed for use on the user desktop. Create accurate sales and statistical reporting for investment partners. Create a method of tracking calls and recording instance outcome and potential marketing data in order to increase percentage of prospect client to conversion.

Project Accomplishments

  • Requirements process completed for both software and hardware.
  • Formal data modeling techniques introduced into technical design process.
  • Presented and gained approval for project by technical review group within the client infrastructure.
  • Project management used to control scope and deliver product enhancements on time.

Project Synopsis

CTS played a project management role in the implementation of SalesPage for the Funds Center, Marketing, and Sales groups for a major banking, mutual funds investment, and trust company in Chicago. SalesPage is a web-based application developed by SalesPage Technologies, Inc., and is designed for contact management, call tracking, sales reporting, and marketing. The SalesPage system is created in a Rapid Application Development environment, based on the custom requirements expressed by the client. In addition to leading the project through the corporate internal approval process, CTS lead the development of user requirements, business rules, functional specifications, design, infrastructure development, data conversion, and implementation. CTS worked very closely with SalesPage to integrate their web application along with a Sybase repository, and the ECS job scheduling management system in order to process inbound data from transfer agencies, produce outbound literature requests, and manage shareholder and prospect accounts.


Windows NT; IIS; VB, C++; Java; HTML, XML; JavaScript; Sybase; Access; Crystal Reports; Lotus Notes; ECS Scheduler