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TCP/IP Communication Library for HL7

Improve interfaces to hospital systems by providing the capability to interface using TCP/IP.

Project Accomplishments

  • Reduced complexity of developing interface software.
  • Developed communication library that simultaneously supports both serial and TCP/IP communication using a common API.
  • Improved performance and reliability of system interfaces.

Project Synopsis

CTS developed a low-level communication library supporting serial and TCP/IP communication. This library was then utilized by the application to receive and transmit HL7 formatted message between the client's system and multiple hospital systems. This feature expanded the client's market as TCP/IP was emerging as a required interface standard in the industry and was not a part of the client's prior offerings. This software was specified in conjunction with the client and then developed in CTS's Milwaukee office. The product was delivered on time, under budget, fully functional, and with detailed documentation.


C/C++; Win32 API; Windows NT; TCP/IP; WinSock; GreenLeaf; RS-232; HL7