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Physician Medication Order Entry

Reduce medication and transcription errors. Provide physicians with clinical information about medications at the time of order entry. Provide tools to assist in identifying interacting medications and adverse reactions to medications while providing published recommendations on medications. Integrate with pharmacy systems to achieve better communication between clinicians.

Project Accomplishments

  • Completely outsourced the development of this application allowing the customer to deliver multiple products to the marketplace in a short period of time.
  • Created a technical architecture to support scalable applications in future development efforts.

Project Synopsis

CTS worked with the client to define product requirements and then leveraged its clinically experienced staff to refine these requirements through the functional and technical design phases. During this period a scalable COM+ architecture was designed and implemented. Once the requirements were finalized and the architecture was proven, the application was developed using object oriented principles in order to create the building blocks of this application and future applications. The user interface was developed on top of these objects to create the application used by clinicians to enter medication orders.


COM+; Delphi; MS SQL Server; SQL