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Handheld Medication Charting

Provide a portable medication charting system that will increase the accuracy of medication administration and thus reduce negative patient outcomes associated with medication errors. The handheld application implements a subset of capabilities available in a concurrently developed desktop application.

Project Accomplishments

  • Display patient medication orders
  • Display medication administration history
  • Barcode scan patient, medication, and caregiver to reduce errors in administration
  • Record patient vitals and outcomes
  • Propagate administration, vitals, and outcomes to multiple systems
  • Developed a wireless version of this application to leverage existing user interface, while supporting wireless synchronization.

Project Synopsis

Worked with client to define functional and technical requirements of the charting application. Implemented defined solution in an iterative approach with client to ensure the desktop and handheld application would achieve comparable workflows in spite of their different form factors. Developed a wireless version of this application to support wireless synchronization over secure communication channels.


Windows CE; MS Embedded Visual Tools; ActiveSync; MS SQL Server; Delphi; SQL; Barcode Scanners; XML; SSL; HTTPS; MS IIS; ASP