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Clinical Trials Database

Increase visibility and awareness of available clinical trials.

Project Accomplishments

  • Reduced manual efforts in maintaining and publishing clinical trials.
  • Allowed physicians, participants, and interested parties to view available clinical trials in real-time.
  • Enabled nursing staff to edit, review, publish, and archive clinical trials.

Project Synopsis

CTS developed a clinical trial repository and made it available on the website of a major Milwaukee hospital. The repository has multiple points of access depending on the role of a visitor. The public views certain information about a trial and is able to search all published trials. A reviewer is able to view all information and is able to give feedback. An editor is able to edit, publish, and archive clinical trials. Clinical trials are made available to search engines through a scheduled nightly extract. The extract transforms dynamic data into links readable by search engines.


Java; JSP; Java Servlets; HTML; JavaScript; PL/SQL