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Data Warehousing

Redesign an existing data warehouse in order to optimize performance and reduce the need for additional hardware due to additional customers and increased utilization by existing customers.

Project Accomplishments

  • Developed a new architecture to minimize data movement and streamline the batch process responsible for loading the warehouse.
  • Wrote new modules and modified existing programs to optimize the database I/O.
  • Developed automated testing procedures to compare existing warehouse data elements with the re-engineered implementation.
  • Reduced processing time and storage requirement significantly.
  • Successfully rolled out the changes with no adverse impact to existing customers through thorough testing and validation procedures.

Project Synopsis

CTS re-engineered an existing data warehouse to reduce the processing time and storage requirement. Growth in the customer base and the addition of new functionality since the inception of the warehouse caused the hardware to approach capacity and placed excessive demands on the team supporting the warehouse. A significant reduction in processing time of about 75% was achieved. In addition to processing speed, disk space utilization was reduced by 30%. Moreover, the goal of tuning the existing warehouse without compromising the data processed was met. With this project completed, customers could be added to the warehouse while the purchase rate of new hardware was reduced.


UNIX; PL/SQL; C; K-Shell