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Customer Profitability

Provide bank management with tools to monitor and analyze the profitability of a customer relationship to better manage the relationship; assist in focused marketing efforts and manage the compensation of officers.

Project Accomplishments

  • Developed and designed a data-mart in order to capture customer demographic information in addition to capturing the profitability of an account, customer, household, corporate household, branch, and officer.
  • Designed and developed a data-gathering process to collect inputs, needed for the profitability model, from multiple sources.
  • Designed and developed an analysis engine to operate on the gathered inputs and produce profitability information for each account in the format of an income statement.
  • Summarized the data from the account level to the customer, household, corporate household, branch and officer levels.
  • Produced trending information over 13 months for all levels.

Project Synopsis

CTS helped its client develop the functional specification as well as the data model for the profitability system. In addition, CTS developed and implemented the batch application. This system allows banks to gain a better understanding of their customers. The customer relationships with the bank were presented in a consistent format using an easily understood income statement format. Customers are assigned a rank and a household. In addition, they are divided between individual, retail, and commercial customers. Products in the profitability analysis include Deposit, Loan, Credit Card, Mortgage, Account Analysis, and Investments.


UNIX; PL/SQL; C; K-Shell