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Our Story

Corporate Technology Solutions, Inc. was co-founded in 1997 by Haitham Salawdeh to provide comprehensive solutions in information technology. An entrepreneur at heart, Haitham left his position at Accenture to create a new firm that offers customers the flexible service options of a boutique provider. CTS's initial success drew upon a rich reputation for client satisfaction in the Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago metropolitan areas.

As time passed, new consultants and additional partners joined CTS, and before long each individual's story has made Our Story more robust. 

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to develop quality partnerships within CTS, with our clients, and in our community that leverage technology for the benefit of all.

CTS will be a diverse team of individuals that collaborate to achieve long-term success for our customers, employees, and shareholders. We will have a culture that values individual contribution, client partnerships, and social responsibility. We will be known in our community for our commitment, quality, and integrity.